Phenom Data

We connect virtually every sophisticated pocket within the investment community. Our various websites provide valuable contact information and email marketing services at an affordable rate. If you want to get in front of virtually any specific type of investor, we can connect you! For a full list of sites read more.

Phenom Newsletters

Our founder has broad and unique experience analyzing markets and specific private and public companies. We provide both free and paid research covering sectors such as technology, gold and mining stocks, energy stocks, alternative investments, and special situations for sophisticated investors. For a full list of newsletters read more.

Phenom Capital Advisors

Phenom owns and operates significant and influential resources and maintains many relationships with investors of all types. We can assist select public companies, private companies, and funds in getting your message in front of relevant investors. Our unique and powerful network affords us to have a significant impact in investor relations and awareness efforts, investment banking advisory, lead generation, business development, and strategic partnerships read more.

Phenom Marketing

Having vast experience in both raising capital and internet marketing, Phenom Marketing brings valuable skills and tools to the table. Whether you want to get in front of new investors to raise capital for your fund, company, or to offer a product or service, we can help you save time and use digital tools to create real relationships. Our firm can send emails on your behalf to highly targeted sophisticated pockets of the investor community and generate “inbound leads”.read more

Eric & his team at Phenom Ventures have become a trusted partner of ours.

-Michael Smith, President

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