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Phenom Ventures owns and operates 3 primary investment newsletters that include hundreds of premium members and thousands of free subscribers. We write to sophisticated wealthy, institutional, and retail investors around the world. Please feel free to click on the logos and subscribe to any of our free E-letters that may be of personal interest to you.


Elite investment ideas for accredited investors, fund managers, and family offices. Enter your email for our bi-monthly free newsletter that provides valuable individual public company research, alternative investment ideas, and selective private placement deal flow.


After a four year brutal bear market in gold, precious metals, and mining stocks that began in 2011, opportunities abound. Let the Gold Investment Letter help you maximize and protect your profits into the frenzy stage of the coming bull market.


We launched the Black Gold Letter after the price of oil crashed in late 2014 into 2015. We anticipate that while many over leveraged energy companies will go bankrupt, there will also be orphaned special situations that will make investors a fortune in the years ahead. Discover small cap energy growth stocks before the masses.