Investor Leads

Phenom Data specializes in providing contact information of virtually every pocket of the investment community. We understand who needs to connect with who and what information is important and what is not. Our business model is unique in that most of Phenom’s sites offer data that the customer owns after purchase versus charging subscription fees to access a database. We conduct extensive research to ensure that we are the best value proposition in the marketplace. Niche markets like hedge funds, private equity firms, and family offices have a finite universe so we focus on providing quality data at the best price.

When approaching the retail investment community, including accredited investors, the quantity of data is much more vast. We have unique and valuable relationships and marketing tools to generate high quality leads for our clients. Below is a partial list of our investor database websites. Keep in mind that we constantly are acquiring new investor data and even if your target market isn’t listed on our sites, we may still possess it. Feel free to click through to our “buffet” site Investor Marketing Lists and put in a custom order request.

IML runs the gamut in terms of our available investor leads. Everything from accredited investors, penny stock buyers, private equity firms, venture capital firms, hedge funds, hedge fund investors, family offices, RIA’s, financial advisors, European investors, real estate investors, and crowdfunding investor lists can be found here.

The best value online to contact single and multi-family offices.

We have raised money for hedge funds ourselves and know how difficult it is to attract new assets. The one challenge you can remove out of the gate is getting in front of the right people including long/short investors, accredited individuals that invest in hedge funds, family offices, and other relevant institutional investors. Buy one of our packages to begin your marketing campaign today. If you have an ongoing marketing and advertising budget that exceeds $10,000, we may be able to help you formulate and actually manage your campaign. Contact us through the site if you would like more details.

We have the best accredited investor database in the business, period! Our founder has worked with accredited investors for almost 20 years and knows who qualifies and who doesn’t. This arena is considered one of our specialties so check out our page above to get more information.

If you are ramping up an investor relations campaign, we can help! We know exactly which investors in our inventory will be best to contact with your story. There are brand new lists that we haven’t posted yet and use to build our own newsletters that are for sale for larger budgets. In addition, we do have the ability to manage a campaign and provide opt in lists for even better results if you have a budget over $10,000. Please contact us through the site if you would like more details.