Phenom Ventures Founder and CEO, Eric Muschinski, has vast and unique experience in capital markets, investment banking, venture capital, investor relations, alternative investments, business development, strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, marketing, and investor lead generation.

Due to Phenom’s extensive resources and relationships, we selectively take on public companies, private companies, online financial media partners, and fund managers as advisory clients. Our specialties include exposure to new investors, capital introduction, and marketing strategies. Phenom Ventures also takes stakes in select long term client companies through our investment arm.

Our contacts have purchased tens of millions of dollars in shares of public companies that we spotlight. In addition, our relationships with sophisticated high net worth investors have generated over $25 million of direct investment into private and public growth companies in 2014-2015 alone.

We also have the ability to spearhead online and email marketing campaigns to virtually every sophisticated pocket of the investment community. This includes family offices, hedge funds, hedge fund investors, accredited investors, RIA’s, financial advisors, VC’s, private equity firms, limited partners, or various equity and fund investors.


Current/recent examples include:

  • Eric has been an advisor, director, and investor in since early 2013. Our contacts have invested over $5 million in growth capital over the past 2.5 years and we plan to take the company public in 2016. Eric currently serves on the board of directors at
  • Eric is an investor in and advisor to the board of directors of Patriot Gold Corp, a public gold exploration and production company with three gold projects in the southwestern US.
  • “Robert Kopple and Eric Muschinski have been appointed as Special Advisors to the Board of Directors of the Company. “I am delighted to welcome Bob and Eric on the Patriot team,” remarked Robert Coale, President of the Company. “Their involvement provides access to new sources of capital and strategically positions Patriot as we move forward to grow the Company and build shareholder value.”
  • “Bob’s remarkable depth of business and legal experience will be a great asset to the Board. He is one of the most astute investors and capable businessmen I have known, and I couldn’t be happier that he’s agreed to assist Patriot in this way.”
  • “Eric’s exceptional understanding of capital markets is of particular value to us, especially in light of the strong corporate advancements Patriot is now making. Eric has developed a solid reputation in the resource community as someone who recognizes value early, and we consider Eric’s interest in Patriot as a very positive reflection of the merits of the Company and its future prospects.”
  • Mr. Kopple and Mr. Muschinski will each be acting in an advisory role to the Company as the Board identifies new opportunities and extracts value from existing ones.”